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Our Mission is simple:

To create the purest CBD products with the finest ingredients, adding only a touch of innovation.

All Farmula products are crafted in-house, right here in the UK with our small but passionate team. Our conscious connection to nature is reflected in the simplicity of our products, everything we use is 100% natural and/or organic. We add no nasty preservatives, additives, emulsifiers, E-numbers or colour enhancers ever. We know mother nature already provides everything we need to offer you high-end wellness from CBD, so why mess with perfection?

We aim to increase access and affordability of CBD to people who may not have a safe or legal way of sourcing it.

Friends and loved ones whom would benefit greatly from CBD will most likely go without, instead struggling with external challenges and the stigma attached to cannabidiol after years of mis-information.

The Farmula is helping to change that.

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