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  • 21/03/2022

CBD Bath Bombs for Sale Made in the UK

CBD Bath Bombs for Sale Made in the UK

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Relaxing in a hot bath after a stressful day is the perfect way to unwind and reset. We carry the most luxurious CBD bath bombs, made in the UK, designed to calm your mind and body. We use the purest ingredients that moisturize and indulge your skin. Our bath bombs are made with 250 mg of CBD which reduce stress, anxiety, and any inflammation in the body.

Our potent bath bombs are the ultimate form of self-care. Pour a glass of wine, pop on your favorite podcast and soak in a bath full of relaxing, calming, and invigorating ingredients. All our bath bombs are made with 100 percent natural ingredients and are free from chemicals and dyes.

Collection of Luxurious Bath Bombs Made in the UK

Relax CBD Bath Bomb: Our Relax bath bomb is made with pure, naturally relaxing, and calming ingredients. While the CBD helps the mind and body breath and destress, the calming scents of lavender and patchouli allow you to sink into the bath and feel an inner peace.

Relief CBD Bath Bomb: Our Relief bath bomb was carefully crafted to alleviate muscle pain and tension through a natural blend of powerful ingredients such as juniper berry, laurel leaf and camphor essential oils. This special formula relieves sore muscles and relaxes the mind. It is the ultimate self-care product for anyone who lives an active lifestyle.

Revive CBD Bath Bomb: Our Revive bath bombs help revive sore muscles and invigorate the senses. With 250 mg of CBD and grapefruit and tangerine essential oils, you will feel uplifted and energized from the inside-out. Breath in the terpenes from the essential oils and wake up your sleepy mind.

  • Cruelty-Free.
  • GMO Free.
  • THC Free.
  • Made with All Natural Ingredients

Our bath bombs are made with the purest, natural ingredients.

  • Baking soda
  • Citric acid
  • Corn starch
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Polysorbate
  • pure essential oils

Get the Ultimate Bath Bomb Trio

Whether you are wanting to relax at the end of a long and stressful day or if you are ready to open your sleepy mind and feel energized, our CBD bath bomb trio has everything you need. It comes with all three of our luxurious bath bombs, so you are prepared for anything.

Our CBD bath bombs, made in the UK, are the perfect gifts for anyone in your life. They make great thank you, birthday, valentine’s day, and holiday gifts for the special someone in your life who deserves to be pampered. Infusing CBD into bath bombs adds an additional layer of relaxation and calmness. It takes the bath experience to a whole new level. If you rea ready to give your skin and mind the ultimate gift of self-love, try one or all our CBD bath bombs!

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