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  • 07/04/2022

Buy CBD for Muscle Aches after a Hard Workout or Long Work Week

Buy CBD for Muscle Aches after a Hard Workout or Long Work Week

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Achy muscles and joints can be debilitating and make it difficult to sleep at night. Whether you are sore from a hard workout or are experiencing normal aches and pains, CBD muscle and joint balm may be just what you need.

The Farmula has a special formula that helps alleviate everyday aches and pains. It targets inflammation and joint pain and releases tight, overworked muscles. Simply rub it on the affected area and let the magic balm work wonders.

Our muscle balm packs powerful ingredients that all work to alleviate muscle and joint pain. The list includes CBD, shea butter, candelilla wax, coconut oil, juniper berry, laurel lead, copaiba, menthol, white camphor, and wintergreen.

Not only will your achy muscles and joints thank you, but so will your skin. Our balm is made with the finest ingredients that will leave your skin feeling nourished and refreshed.

Other Ways to Help Alleviate Sore Muscles

At the end of the day, your muscles may be feeling tired and achy. Our muscle balm targets the affected area fast, but there are other ways to help alleviate achy muscles that you can do in combination with applying a CBD balm. These include:

  • Gentle stretching: After you apply the CBD balm to achy muscles, it helps to gently stretch the area to open up the muscles and reduce tightness.
  • Massage the affected area: It also helps to massage the balm into the affected area and lightly rub the sore muscles. By applying light pressure, it can help reduce some of the inflammation and cause immediate relief.
  • Rest: Resting sore muscles is always key to helping them feel better! After you shower at night, rub the CBD muscle balm on the affected area and make sure to get plenty of rest. If you have been working out a lot, allow your muscles to get adequate rest between workouts so you don’t over strain them and make it worse. Rest always helps.
  • Ice and heat packs: If your muscles are sore, ice tends to help reduce inflammation and heal increases blood flow to the muscles.
  • Take a warm bath with Epsom salt: When I was a kid, my mom would always have me soak in a bathtub full of Epsom salt when my muscles were achy, or I was sick. There was definitely something to that. The Epsom salt helps relax and calm sore muscles. After the bath, put the CBD balm on and you will be feeling relief in no time!

CBD Muscle and Joint Balm

The Farmula is dedicated to creating premium CBD products that provide customers with natural relief. We use 100 percent natural and /or organic ingredients and keep our formulas simple so the natural benefits can be felt. Our muscle and joint balm is helpful for achy and sore muscles and joints and can help with the daily aches and pains.

For more information about our products, contact our support team today.



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