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  • 16/08/2021

Can CBD Be Used for Cooking?

Can CBD Be Used for Cooking?

Can CBD Be Used for Cooking? 1080 474 The Farmula

Yes! CBD oil is so mainstream now, chances are you probably already use it in some form. But, if you are considering cooking with CBD, you should give it a whirl! And don’t worry, it isn’t as scary as it may sound.

We put together a few tips to help you effectively cook with CBD. Happy cooking!

  1.       Be careful of heat: when you cook with CBD, you want to make sure to cook low and slow. Just like when you cook with cannabis terpenes, high temperatures can dull the effects. Ideally when you are adding CBD to your food, you want to try and keep the cooking temperature below 320-degrees F. Something to keep in mind is you may want to add the CBD after the product is already cooked. For instance, instead of adding CBD to cake batter before baking the cake, you may consider adding it to the icing that will go on top of the cake instead. You can also add CBD to your olive oil and then add it on after the meal is finished cooking. Taking these small steps can help preserve the effects of the CBD.
  2.       Healthy fats are great cooking partners for CBD: your body will absorb CBD faster if you pair it with healthy fats such as olive or coconut oil. Using some type of oil as a carrier is helpful as well.
  3.       The effects won’t be as strong when you cook with CBD: if you are looking to enhance your food, but aren’t looking for a super quick result, then cooking with CBD is the way to go. When you cook with it, you will be ingesting it so it must go through the digestive process before you can feel the full effects. So, keep in mind, if you are looking for fast relief of pain or anxiety, it is better to reach for your CBD tincture than to add it to your meals.
  4.       Use CBD with terpenes to add flavour to your food: if you are cooking with CBD, you should consider using a full or broad-spectrum CBD that contains terpenes, instead of a pure CBD isolate. This will enhance the flavour of your food and will also generate stronger effects. Cannabis terpenes are what give the hemp plants its distinct smell and flavor. So, if you are adding CBD to a lemon dessert, you may consider using a full spectrum CBD oil that contains limonene, the terpene responsible for the citrus small and taste that is also found naturally in lemons.
  5.       Spike your drink with a tincture: if you want to add a little CBD to your cocktail, using your CBD tincture is the way to go! Just add a few drops to your cocktail, coffee, smoothie, or any other beverage for quick, fast-acting results!
  6.       Add CBD to sauces: if you are a beginner, a great way to ease your way into cooking with CBD is to add it to sauces. For example, you can add a couple drops to your pesto sauce, pasta sauce or red wine reduction sauce before drizzling it on top of your pasta or meat. Just keep in mind that the temperature may affect the benefits of the CBD.

Ready to Cook with CBD?

If you are just stepping into the CBD cooking scene, take it slow and start with CBD infused oils. This is an easy place to start, and you can never go wrong!

Want to Stay in the CBD Know?

For more information about CBD and fun ways to incorporate it into your daily life, follow our blog or contact The Farmula today! We are committed to producing the purest CBD products and helping our community better understand the effects of CBD.


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