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Does CBD Help You Sleep? 1080 540 The Farmula

Does CBD Help You Sleep?

CBD is widely used for its several health and wellness benefits — better sleep being one of them. CBD helps reduce pain and anxiety, so it is no wonder it can help promote a better night’s sleep.

How does CBD help you sleep?

To fully understand how CBD helps you sleep, we must first look at what causes poor sleep to begin with. There are several things that can contribute to “bad” sleep or lack of sleep, including:

  •         Anxiety, stress, or other mental health disorders such as PTSD
  •         Physical conditions that cause chronic pain
  •         Too much caffeine or medications that can interfere with relaxation and disturb sleep
  •         Environmental conditions such as loud music, heat and other noises or disturbances

If your inability to get a good night’s sleep is caused by physical pain, stress or anxiety, CBD may be able to help you relax and get a better night’s sleep. The truth behind whether CBD helps with sleep is that it may help with the root problem of your inability to sleep. For instance, when it helps reduce pain or symptoms associated with anxiety, the result may be that you get a better night’s sleep.

One thing to keep in mind is that it may not work right away. It may take a few weeks of using CBD for sleep to really notice a difference. So be patient and work on finding the right dosage for you.

How do you use CBD to sleep better?

There are several ways to consume CBD, depending on what feels comfortable to you. When and how you take the CBD will determine how it affects your sleep as well.

Some of the most common ways to use CBD for sleep are:

  •         Drop it directly under the tongue. When you consume CBD this way, it goes right to your bloodstream by getting into your mucous membranes. Because it gets to your bloodstream fast, you will feel the effects almost immediately.
  •         Ingest it in a chocolate bar or gummy candy. When you ingest CBD in edibles or other food products, you must wait for it to be fully digested before it hits your bloodstream. So, consuming it this way will take longer for you to feel the effects.
  •         Rub it onto your pain site via a balm or lotion. When you rub CBD onto your skin, you must wait for it to absorb and enter your bloodstream. You may feel immediate relief of pain in your back or neck if you rub it directly onto your skin. When you apply it daily, it can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain allowing you to have a deeper sleep.
  •         Take as a capsule: you can also consume CBD as a capsule. This way is the same as eating it, so it will take longer to hit your bloodstream and feel the effects.

If you use CBD daily for pain, stress, anxiety or better sleep, chances are you will experience a deeper, more restful night’s sleep over time. Be patient and continue to use it daily to get the best results.

For more information about CBD for insomnia and other sleep disorders, contact The Farmula today! All our CBD products are organic, natural, and completely free from pesticides and additives. We can help you choose the right CBD product for you!

UK Companies that Make CBD Oil 1048 453 The Farmula

UK Companies that Make CBD Oil

CBD has taken the health and wellness market by storm and has quickly become one of the most sought-after products in the UK. Several companies throughout the UK have begun to make and sell CBD oil. It is important that when you are shopping for your CBD products you choose a company that has high standards and produces high quality, naturally sourced CBD products.

There are large and small brands that make CBD oil and as you continue your search for a brand you love, here are a few things to consider…

  1.       Is the hemp used organically grown? When you are choosing a company to purchase your CBD oil from, make sure it is sourcing its hemp from a farm that uses organic practices. This will ensure that the hemp your CBD is extracted from is not grown with pesticides, herbicides, additives, or other harmful toxins.
  2.       Are all the ingredients used in the CBD products natural? It is important that all the ingredients (not just the CBD itself) used to make the CBD oil and other products are also 100 percent natural and free from pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals.
  3.       Does the company share its third-party lab results? Before purchasing your CBD oil and other CBD products, make sure the company not only has its CBD tested by a third party laboratory, but make sure it also shares the reports on its website.
  4.       What are other people saying about their products? When you go to purchase CBD oil in the UK, read through the product reviews to see what other people are saying. Just because a company is well known, it does not mean it’s the best. In fact, some of the new, smaller, craft CBD companies in the UK are where it’s at because they are dedicated to their craft and committed to producing the highest quality products for their community of loyal customers.
  5.       Price isn’t the end all, be all: When purchasing CBD oil, it is important to purchase a competitively priced product. Of course, you do not need to go with the most expensive product out there. Remember, just because it is a well-known brand or highly priced, it doesn’t mean it is the best on the market. Also, do not go with the cheapest. This could mean the company is cutting corners somewhere. Look at the product and the company, not the price tag!

So, what companies in the UK are making CBD oil?

We’ve created a list of some of the companies that make and sell CBD oil here in the UK.

  1.       The Farmula: of course we included ourselves! We are a craft company that produces all our CBD products right here in the UK with a small and passionate team of CBD enthusiasts. Our connection to nature is reflected in all our products. We keep it simple and let the ingredients shine. Our mission is simple: to create the purest CBD products with the finest ingredients, adding only a touch of innovation.
  2.       Excite CBD: this is a UK based CBD company that is based out of Scotland. We have respect for this brand as it also is naturally focused on quality and makes sure all its products are free from pesticides and other chemicals during the growth process.
  3.       Vibes CBD: another small company that is relatively new to the UK CBD industry is Vibes. We have a ton of respect for our brother companies that are dedicated to the craft and quality of their products.

Want to stay in the CBD Know?

To stay up to date on the latest trends in the UK CBD industry, follow our blog. You can also contact the Farmula directly for questions. We are a small team of enthusiasts that are all dedicated to making the purest, most natural CBD oil and products. We look forward to having you join our community!


Can Terpenes be Used for Cooking? 1080 721 The Farmula

Can Terpenes be Used for Cooking?

Absolutely! And not only can they be used for cooking, but they can enhance the flavour and aroma of your dishes, taking them to the next level.

OK, so before we get into the art of cooking with cannabis terpenes, let me first tell you about natural terpenes found in other products we love to cook with. When you cut into a fresh lemon and you get that burst of citrus that makes you feel like summer is here, that is caused by a natural terpene!

Herbs, fruits, and vegetables that we all know and love to cook with because of their intense aromas, like rosemary, basil and citrus are all packed with natural terpenes. Terpenes, in nature, are responsible for the smells and flavours just as they are in cannabis plants.

Cannabis Terpenes You Can Pair with Your Dishes

Natural terpenes found in cannabis act just like those found in other herbs and vegetables. They are responsible for the intense flavours and aromas we all love!

So, when you think about cooking with cannabis terpenes, you should first think about what flavour you want to use and then you can find a strain of cannabis that has that specific profile.

For instance…if you are looking for something with a bright citrusy aroma and flavour that you can add to your favourite pastry or summertime cocktail or drink, you should go with a citrus cannabis terpene such as limonene. Or, if you are looking for something more subtle, chill, and relaxed, maybe you want to consider linalool, a cannabis terpene known for its lavender like aroma and relaxing effect.

Tips for Cooking with Cannabis Terpenes

If you are ready to cook with cannabis terpenes, here are a few tips we’ve discovered along the way…

  1.       When you are cooking with cannabis terpenes, it is important to think low and slow. High temperatures can damage cannabis terpenes.
  2.       When you are cooking with cannabis terpenes, consider using them in dishes that contain ingredients with the same strain of terpenes.
  3.       It is best to use terpenes and cannabinoids as part of a whole plant extraction or infusion when cooking because they have unique effects when used as a whole.
  4.       For the best medicinal values of cannabis, it is best to use whole plant-based ingredients when cooking as opposed to isolated terpenes.
  5.       Store your cannabis in a cool dark place to preserve the terpenes.

Types of Cannabis Terpenes and How to Cook with Them

Here is a closer look at some of the most common cannabis terpenes and what they pair well with in the kitchen…

  1.       Linalool: this terpene has a super strong aroma and is mostly associated with lavender. It is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Linalool pairs well with lemon-based dishes and desserts…as you are cooking with linalool, think lavender!
  2.       Limonene: this terpene has a strong citrus aroma and flavour and is mostly associated with lemons and oranges. Limonene pairs best with citrus-based desserts and dishes as well as with chicken dishes. This terpene is known to have energizing, uplifting and anti-anxiety properties.
  3.       Pinene: this terpene is responsible for that distinct pine smell. It can also be found in rosemary, basil, and parsley. It is best when paired with other robust herbs and used in meat dishes like steak, pot roast or chicken.
  4.       Myrcene: this terpene has an earthy scent and goes great with curry or salsa. It is mildly sedative and is one of the more relaxing, calming cannabis terpenes.
  5.       Caryophyllene: this terpene has an earthy, pungent flavour profile and should only be paired with dishes that already have super powerful flavour profiles as it can take over. This terpene can be found naturally in other powerful spices such as cloves and black pepper.


Is There THC in Terpsolates? 721 478 The Farmula

Is There THC in Terpsolates?

Before we answer this question, let’s first talk about what the term terpsolate even means. This is a word that combines two popular words in the CBD world: terpene and isolate. The term terpsolate is basically a form of CBD isolate that contains cannabis terpenes.

You may now be asking yourself… ”what is CBD isolate?” CBD isolate is pure CBD alone, without any other parts of the hemp plant. So, unlike full-spectrum CBD which contains all the natural compounds that are found in the cannabis plant, CBD isolate is pure CBD without any of the other compounds.

So…the term terpsolate simply means pure CBD with the addition of cannabis terpenes. This combo creates a CBD isolate that has an aroma and taste, whereas CBD isolate on its own has no taste or smell.

Why Would Someone Want to Use Terpsolates Instead of CBD Isolates?

While terpsolate is not a full-spectrum CBD product, it has been proven that when you combine terpenes and other parts of the cannabis plant with CBD, the effects and benefits are more substantial. So, people tend to like using terpsolates because the benefits are stronger than those of a pure isolate.

So, Is There THC in Terpsolates?

No. Terpsolates, just like CBD isolates do not contain THC. This is another reason many people like to use them, because they get the benefits of CBD, enhanced by natural terpenes, without having any THC enter into their system.

How Do You Use Terpsolates?

Many people like to add terpsolates into their food products. Because they contain terpenes, they add a natural aroma and flavour to certain products. For example, you may try adding a touch of your terpsolate that contains terpenes that have a lemon flavour and smell to your olive oil to create a fresh, bright salad dressing.

Terpenes are what give different strands of cannabis their distinct smell and flavour. They also each have their own unique benefits. Some of the most known and used terpenes are:

  •         Linalool: this one is found naturally in the lavender plant. It has that lavender smell and is associated with calming, relaxing effects.
  •         Limonene: this terpene is found naturally in lemons and other citrus fruits and is known to cause uplifting, energizing effects.
  •         Myrcene: this one gives off a musky, mango-like smell.
  •         Beta-caryophyllene: this one is known for its peppery smell and flavour.
  •         Alpha-pinene: this terpene is found naturally in pine trees and is known for energizing benefits.

Benefits of CBD Terpsolates

Some of the benefits of using terpsolates include:

  •         The addition of terpenes to CBD isolates cause the benefits to become enhanced.
  •         You can choose the terpene that comes in your CBD so you can experience those particular benefits, flavours and smells.
  •         There is no THC in them.
  •         They smell and taste whereas pure CBD isolates do not.

Want to stay in the know?

For more information on CBD products such as terpenes and terpsolates, contact The Farmula today! All of our products are sourced with organically grown cannabis plants and are free from pesticides and additives. We would be happy to answer all your questions and help you find a product that matches your needs.

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