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Should CBD tinctures be taken under the tongue sublingually? 1080 522 The Farmula

Should CBD tinctures be taken under the tongue sublingually?

The short answer is yes.  Although, there are several ways to get CBD in general into your bloodstream, sublingually is the most efficient method for a tincture.  Just under the tongue is the sublingual gland surrounded by vessel-rich tissue and direct access to the bloodstream.

Sublingual Administration

Also known as under-the-tongue.  By taking a CBD tincture under the tongue, the compound has a more direct path into the bloodstream than from swallowing.  When consumed through swallowing, the CBD goes partially through a relatively long digestion process before making it into the bloodstream that is avoided.  Although the sublingual process is also not instantaneous, it is absorbed into the bloodstream faster than going through the stomach.

Buccal Administration

Similar to sublingual, but buccal administration means absorption in the gum and cheek tissue.  This is generally how a CBD spray is absorbed into the bloodstream, unless sprayed directly under the tongue.  CBD taken in the form of a ‘gummy’ that is chewed will be partially absorbed through buccal administration.  To try taking a tincture through baccal administration, drop it between the gum and cheek.

Nasal Administration

Technically, CBD use in nasal administration would not be in tincture form, this method deserves explanation as it is similar to both the aforementioned.  The tissues inside the nose are similar to those inside the mouth as CBD can easily be absorbed directly through them (unlike the skin which is a more resistant barrier).  There is some debate whether nasal or sublingual is the more efficient method, but most people find nasal administration uncomfortable or can lead to a runny nose.

Why You Might Choose to Swallow CBD Instead of Taking it Sublingually

Although sublingually might be the most efficient (fast) method of getting CBD into your bloodstream orally, this might not be your goal.  Swallowing, or ‘eating’ CBD in its many edible forms can have a slow-release effect, which could be more desirable depending on the situation.  For example, when using CBD as a sleep aid a slower release might mean the dose taken before bed could last longer through the night.

How Long Should You Hold a Tincture Under Your Tongue

At least a minute.  The longer held under the tongue, the more of the tincture will be absorbed sublingually, however, most people find it difficult to abstain from swallowing for much longer than a minute before their mouth begins to fill with saliva the reflex to swallow becomes too great.  There is no need to hold CBD under the tongue for a prolonged period of time; any small amount of CBD not absorbed under the tongue will be absorbed in other mouth tissues or find its way to the stomach – none will be wasted.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong way to take a tincture.  Try testing CBD in its various forms from topical creams, to vape, to tinctures and see which suits you best.

Can You Overdose on CBD? 700 402 The Farmula

Can You Overdose on CBD?

With more people using CBD for its laundry list of health and wellness benefits, it is important to be clear on the effects it can have, both positive and negative. It is important to note that while there is not enough THC to get you high in even full-spectrum CBD products, you can possibly take too much.

So, what happens if you take too much CBD?

According to research, if you consume too much CBD, you may experience negative side effects such as:

  •         Diarrhea
  •         Vomiting
  •         Drowsiness

How much is too much CBD?

According to studies, people can consume between 20 and 1,500 mg per day. That seems like a wide gap, but dosing depends on a lot of factors. For instance, how much CBD you can handle versus what your husband or wife can take without feeling negative effects will be different. So, as with anything, it is important to figure out what dosage is best for you specifically.

It has been reported that you must ingest 20,000 mg all at once (or within a short period of time) for it to be toxic to your body, but you can still experience negative side effects with less depending on your body. It is also important to keep in mind that even though it may not be toxic to your body if you take a ton CBD, it can still make you feel super drowsy and funky.

If you purchase CBD gummies and you have children, it is important to keep them out of reach. If children eat a bunch of CBD gummies, thinking they are candy, they can suffer breathing problems.

CBD may interact with certain medications

CBD has been known to interact with certain medications, so it is important to ask your doctor before using CBD if you are taking a prescription medication. A good rule of thumb is to stay clear of consuming CBD if you are taking a medication that has a grapefruit warning. CBD and grapefruit may cause interactions with the same medications.

Some of the more common medications that may interact with grapefruit juice include:

  • Statin cholesterol drugs including atorvastatin (Lipitor), lovastatin and simvastatin (Zocor)
  • Calcium channel blockers
  • Loratadine (Claritin)

To be sure, ask your doctor before taking any additional supplements.

So the big question…is CBD safe to take?

Yes. It is safe to take and is known for its health and wellness benefits. While there doesn’t appear to be a high risk for overdose, if you take too much for your body, it may still cause you to be super tired, feel weird and experience stomach issues. So, if you are new to using CBD, start slow and see what you can handle comfortably.

It is also important to keep in mind that when you are purchasing CBD products you should investigate the company you are getting them from to make sure you are getting high quality CBD. Make sure they have third party lab test results available to ensure the CBD is free from pesticides and dangerous chemicals.

If you want more information about CBD, contact The Farmula today. Our friendly and highly professional staff is here to answer all your questions.


Broad Spectrum CBD: Fact and Myth 850 739 The Farmula

Broad Spectrum CBD: Fact and Myth

There are three main forms of cannabidiol (CBD): broad spectrum CBD, full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. Before we get into the myths and facts about broad spectrum CBD, let’s first talk about the differences between the three types.

Full spectrum contains CBD along with all the other compounds from the cannabis plant that work together to produce maximum effects and benefits. This is referred to as the “entourage effect” and is the strongest of the three types of CBD products. Full spectrum CBD contains other compounds such as terpenes which are responsible for the smell and taste of the cannabis plant as well as trace amounts of THC.

CBD isolate is on the opposite end of the spectrum and is basically just as it sounds…isolated CBD. It is CBD in its purest form and is extracted and stripped of all other compounds. But, because it does not have the entourage effect like full spectrum CBD, it doesn’t have the full benefits of full spectrum CBD.

Broad spectrum CBD is found kind of between the other two. While it does contain terpenes and other important compounds, it is stripped of most of the THC, but can contain super trace amounts.

So, which of the Three Types is Best?

Well, this is really up to each individual. CBD does not get you high. Even full spectrum CBD will not get you high like regular THC, but some people don’t want even the slightest amount of THC in their systems. So, for these people, broad spectrum or CBD isolate would be the way to go.

Some people like broad or full spectrum more than CBD isolate, because the effects aren’t as strong with CBD isolate and some of the benefits may not be felt. Again, this all goes with personal preference.

So, what is the Truth Behind Broad Spectrum CBD?

Now that we’ve give you a brief intro into what each type of CBD looks like, we can discuss some of the facts and myths about broad spectrum CBD.

Myth: Broad spectrum CBD does not contain any THC.

Fact: Even broad-spectrum CBD that says it is THC may contain trace amounts.

Myth: Broad spectrum CBD does not come from the marijuana plant.

Fact: It comes from the hemp plant.

Myth: You can get high from broad spectrum CBD.

Fact: The amount of THC found in any CBD product, even full spectrum, is so small that it cannot get you high.

Myth: Broad spectrum CBD only works for some people.

Fact: CBD works for everyone, but in different ways. While some people will feel the effects right away, others need to use it every day for several days before they start noticing the benefits.

Myth: CBD makes you paranoid.

Fact: CBD does not make you paranoid. Unlike THC and marijuana, CBD products (even those that contain trace amounts of THC) cannot get you high or result in paranoia.

Myth: CBD causes anxiety.

Fact: It is actually the opposite. CBD does not cause anxiety, but instead has calming and relaxing effects that can help ease anxiety and help with other mood disorders.

To stay up to date on the latest information about CBD products follow our blog. At The Farmula, we are committed to offering the highest quality CBD products. All our products are THC free, GMO free, Cruelty free, Vegan and natural.


CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000 600 The Farmula

CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD Oil

If you are looking into trying CBD for the first time, you may be wondering what product is best for you. You may have heard of the terms CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil and are wondering what the difference is. This is a common question, so we are going to discuss both forms of CBD and the differences between them so you can make the choice that is right for you!

CBD Isolate vs. CBD Oil…How They Compare and Differ

Both CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil are extracted from the cannabis plant. They differ, however, because unlike CBD isolate, full spectrum CBD contains other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, including terpenes, flavonoids, and THC. These other compounds have special benefits as well which make the CBD more effective.

When you combine cannabinoids together, it creates what is called the entourage effect which is believed to make the effects of each cannabinoid even stronger. So, many people prefer to use full spectrum CBD oil because they are getting additional benefits from the CBD as well as the THC and terpenes.

At this point, you may be asking yourself what are terpenes?

Terpenes are the compounds found in plants and herbs that give them their unique scent and flavor. For instance, the terpenes found in lemons are what give them the burst of citrus smell and flavor and the terpenes found in lavender are what give it that calming aroma and flavor. Terpenes have their own health benefits as well and are known for anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties.

So why would you not want the added cannabinoids?

Some people prefer CBD isolate, because it is only CBD. Just like the name suggests, the CBD goes through an additional process to isolate the CBD from all other cannabinoids, so it is in its purest form. It has no taste or smell because the terpenes are removed and it does not contain THC or other flavonoids.

The benefit of CBD isolate is you are ONLY getting the CBD. So, if you are concerned about having even the smallest amount of THC in your system (which many people are), you can rest assured you will only be getting CBD.

When you consume CBD isolate, you may not experience the benefits at their strongest, however. Keep in mind, it is believed that CBD is most effective when combined with other cannabinoids.

It is important to mention that full spectrum CBD does NOT get you high.

Even though it does contain small amounts of THC, you will not feel a head change if you consume full spectrum CBD oil. You will simply get the additional benefits of THC like the anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties of the cannabinoid.

So, which is right for you?

Well, it depends! If you are willing to try full spectrum CBD oil to get the most health benefits as possible, go for it! But, if you are still unsure of the THC part and want to try CBD isolate first, we say go that route! Whatever your comfort level is, start there. Remember, you can always try CBD isolate and then graduate to full spectrum CBD oil when you feel you’re ready.

No matter what CBD product you try, just make sure it is made from a company that tests its products at a third party lab to make sure they are safe and free from harmful additives.

At The Farmula, all our products are sourced from hemp that is grown organically. We do not add any additives or harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process, and we have all our products tested by a third-party lab. We are committed to providing the safest, highest-quality CBD products and are here to help you choose the product that is right for you! Contact us anytime for help!

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel? 1080 486 The Farmula

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?

Many people use CBD oil for its naturally calming effects, however, it produces a different feeling than THC does. To better understand how it makes us feel, let us first talk about how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

What is the ECS?

The ECS is full of endocannabinoids which are what the cannabinoids bind to when they are consumed. Unlike THC, which activates the receptors, CBD stops the CB1 receptors from working. CBD binds to other targets throughout the body as well, creating therapeutic reactions. So, when CBD oil enters the body and reacts with the ECS and other targets in the body, it creates a relaxing effect and can improve mood. Because of the way it interacts with the ECS, it has been known to help with inflammation, pain, anxiety, and other conditions.

So How Exactly Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?

Well, this of course depends on the type of CBD oil you ingest, how much you consume and several other factors. If you ask people who use CBD oil on the regular how it makes them feel, the most common answer will be…

  •         Calm
  •         Relaxed
  •         Pain free
  •         Less anxious
  •         Better mood

Different CBD Oil Products

How you feel after using CBD oil will also depend on the type of CBD oil you are using. The following are three different forms of CBD oil:

  1.       Full-spectrum CBD oil: full spectrum CBD oil means that the product contains all the compounds in the hemp plant, including terpenes, cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG) and possibly THC. None of the other naturally occurring compounds are filtered out. When all the compounds are together, they help enhance the effects of the CBD, so you will likely feel stronger effects from full-spectrum CBD.
  2.       Broad spectrum CBD oil: broad spectrum CBD oil refers to a product that contains almost all the naturally occurring compounds in the plant. The biggest difference between this and full spectrum is that there is an additional filtration process that removes all traces of THC.
  3.       CBD isolate: another type of CBD is CBD isolate, which is just as it sounds — isolated CBD. When it is made, it is stripped from all other compounds, so you are getting pure CBD alone. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD possible.

Are There Side Effects Associated with CBD Oil?

While most people do not complain of side effects, they can occur, especially when a large dose is taken. Reported side effects in some users include:

  •         Tiredness
  •         Diarrhea
  •         Changes in appetite and weight
  •         Nausea
  •         Irritability

Want to Stay in The CBD Know?

If you want to stay up to date on the current CBD trends, follow our blog! You can also contact our team directly with any questions. At The Farmula, we are passionate about bringing our customers the most natural CBD products while educating them on how to effectively use them. Whether you are looking for something to help you relax or sleep deeper at night, or if you are looking for something to help with pain or anxiety during the day, we can help you get the product that is right for you!


Is CBD Legal in the UK? 910 683 The Farmula

Is CBD Legal in the UK?

As more people throughout the UK are learning about CBD and gaining interest in its health benefits, more questions around this cannabis-derived compound are surfacing. One of the most asked questions about CBD is whether it is legal in the UK.

In short, yes! CBD is legal in the UK. But there are things you should know about the laws governing CBD in the UK.

Most important to note is that CBD is only legal in the UK if it does not contain THC. THC, the cannabinoid responsible for producing a high, and CBN, another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, are both controlled substances in the UK, while CBD is not.

It is also important to note that while hemp products can contain 0.2 percent and 0.3 percent THC in the EU, this is not true of the UK. Both the EU and the US are more relaxed on the laws governing cannabis-derived compounds than the UK.

So, is it legal to grow CBD plants in the UK?

No, it is not legal to grow cannabis plants for the purpose of producing CBD in the UK. All growers must obtain a license from the UK home office to be legal. Obtaining a license is an intense process and is difficult so not many people have them.

Is it legal to have CBD flowers in the UK?

No, it is not legal to have CBD flowers in the UK. According to laws in the UK, there is no clear distinction between CBD flower or cannabis flower, so they are treated the same and both illegal.

The importance of third-party testing of CBD in the UK

If you are on the hunt for CBD oil produced in the UK, it is important to make sure the company you are purchasing it from has it lab tested by a third party to make sure you are purchasing what you think you are. Third party test results will show the amount of THC that is in the CBD product. So, if you are buying CBD oil with the assumption it is THC-free, make sure to check the lab results. Most reputable companies will disclose the third-party testing results on their websites.

Can’t go wrong with CBD Isolate or Broad-Spectrum CBD

CBD isolate is essentially CBD in its purest form. During the extraction process, the CBD is isolated from all other cannabinoids, including terpenes and THC. This leaves the CBD pure and alone. So, if you are concerned about even the smallest amounts of THC showing up in your CBD oil, CBD isolate may be the way to go!

Broad spectrum CBD also is free from THC. While it does contain terpenes to keep the smell and taste, it does not contain any THC.

Ready to purchase CBD oil in the UK?

If you are ready to purchase a high-quality CBD oil product in the UK, you have come to the right place! The Farmula is a reputable company that is dedicated to producing high quality CBD oil products that are free from THC. All our products are tested by a third party and are free from additives or harmful chemicals. For more information about the safety of our products contact us today.


Can CBD Be Used for Cooking? 1080 474 The Farmula

Can CBD Be Used for Cooking?

Yes! CBD oil is so mainstream now, chances are you probably already use it in some form. But, if you are considering cooking with CBD, you should give it a whirl! And don’t worry, it isn’t as scary as it may sound.

We put together a few tips to help you effectively cook with CBD. Happy cooking!

  1.       Be careful of heat: when you cook with CBD, you want to make sure to cook low and slow. Just like when you cook with cannabis terpenes, high temperatures can dull the effects. Ideally when you are adding CBD to your food, you want to try and keep the cooking temperature below 320-degrees F. Something to keep in mind is you may want to add the CBD after the product is already cooked. For instance, instead of adding CBD to cake batter before baking the cake, you may consider adding it to the icing that will go on top of the cake instead. You can also add CBD to your olive oil and then add it on after the meal is finished cooking. Taking these small steps can help preserve the effects of the CBD.
  2.       Healthy fats are great cooking partners for CBD: your body will absorb CBD faster if you pair it with healthy fats such as olive or coconut oil. Using some type of oil as a carrier is helpful as well.
  3.       The effects won’t be as strong when you cook with CBD: if you are looking to enhance your food, but aren’t looking for a super quick result, then cooking with CBD is the way to go. When you cook with it, you will be ingesting it so it must go through the digestive process before you can feel the full effects. So, keep in mind, if you are looking for fast relief of pain or anxiety, it is better to reach for your CBD tincture than to add it to your meals.
  4.       Use CBD with terpenes to add flavour to your food: if you are cooking with CBD, you should consider using a full or broad-spectrum CBD that contains terpenes, instead of a pure CBD isolate. This will enhance the flavour of your food and will also generate stronger effects. Cannabis terpenes are what give the hemp plants its distinct smell and flavor. So, if you are adding CBD to a lemon dessert, you may consider using a full spectrum CBD oil that contains limonene, the terpene responsible for the citrus small and taste that is also found naturally in lemons.
  5.       Spike your drink with a tincture: if you want to add a little CBD to your cocktail, using your CBD tincture is the way to go! Just add a few drops to your cocktail, coffee, smoothie, or any other beverage for quick, fast-acting results!
  6.       Add CBD to sauces: if you are a beginner, a great way to ease your way into cooking with CBD is to add it to sauces. For example, you can add a couple drops to your pesto sauce, pasta sauce or red wine reduction sauce before drizzling it on top of your pasta or meat. Just keep in mind that the temperature may affect the benefits of the CBD.

Ready to Cook with CBD?

If you are just stepping into the CBD cooking scene, take it slow and start with CBD infused oils. This is an easy place to start, and you can never go wrong!

Want to Stay in the CBD Know?

For more information about CBD and fun ways to incorporate it into your daily life, follow our blog or contact The Farmula today! We are committed to producing the purest CBD products and helping our community better understand the effects of CBD.


Does CBD Help You Sleep? 1080 540 The Farmula

Does CBD Help You Sleep?

CBD is widely used for its several health and wellness benefits — better sleep being one of them. CBD helps reduce pain and anxiety, so it is no wonder it can help promote a better night’s sleep.

How does CBD help you sleep?

To fully understand how CBD helps you sleep, we must first look at what causes poor sleep to begin with. There are several things that can contribute to “bad” sleep or lack of sleep, including:

  •         Anxiety, stress, or other mental health disorders such as PTSD
  •         Physical conditions that cause chronic pain
  •         Too much caffeine or medications that can interfere with relaxation and disturb sleep
  •         Environmental conditions such as loud music, heat and other noises or disturbances

If your inability to get a good night’s sleep is caused by physical pain, stress or anxiety, CBD may be able to help you relax and get a better night’s sleep. The truth behind whether CBD helps with sleep is that it may help with the root problem of your inability to sleep. For instance, when it helps reduce pain or symptoms associated with anxiety, the result may be that you get a better night’s sleep.

One thing to keep in mind is that it may not work right away. It may take a few weeks of using CBD for sleep to really notice a difference. So be patient and work on finding the right dosage for you.

How do you use CBD to sleep better?

There are several ways to consume CBD, depending on what feels comfortable to you. When and how you take the CBD will determine how it affects your sleep as well.

Some of the most common ways to use CBD for sleep are:

  •         Drop it directly under the tongue. When you consume CBD this way, it goes right to your bloodstream by getting into your mucous membranes. Because it gets to your bloodstream fast, you will feel the effects almost immediately.
  •         Ingest it in a chocolate bar or gummy candy. When you ingest CBD in edibles or other food products, you must wait for it to be fully digested before it hits your bloodstream. So, consuming it this way will take longer for you to feel the effects.
  •         Rub it onto your pain site via a balm or lotion. When you rub CBD onto your skin, you must wait for it to absorb and enter your bloodstream. You may feel immediate relief of pain in your back or neck if you rub it directly onto your skin. When you apply it daily, it can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain allowing you to have a deeper sleep.
  •         Take as a capsule: you can also consume CBD as a capsule. This way is the same as eating it, so it will take longer to hit your bloodstream and feel the effects.

If you use CBD daily for pain, stress, anxiety or better sleep, chances are you will experience a deeper, more restful night’s sleep over time. Be patient and continue to use it daily to get the best results.

For more information about CBD for insomnia and other sleep disorders, contact The Farmula today! All our CBD products are organic, natural, and completely free from pesticides and additives. We can help you choose the right CBD product for you!

Is It Possible to Make 100 Percent Pure CBD Oil? 1080 480 The Farmula

Is It Possible to Make 100 Percent Pure CBD Oil?

With so many CBD products emerging and so many companies making them, how do you know if you are getting the right product? And how do you know if you are getting pure CBD oil? Is it even possible to make pure CBD oil?

The purest form of CBD is CBD isolate. It is pretty much just like it sounds… isolated CBD. In order to make it, the cannabis plant must go through several purification processes that strip away all the other compounds of the plant, leaving only CBD in its purest form.

Other forms of CBD oils, such as full and broad-spectrum CBD oil contain other parts of the hemp plant, that is why they aren’t considered 100 percent “pure.” CBD isolate has become popular among people who want the benefits of CBD and who do not want even the slightest amount of THC entering their body. While most people assume there is no THC in CBD oils, full spectrum CBD oil usually contains traces of THC in it.

How Do You Use CBD Isolate?

There are several ways to use CBD isolate, including:

  1.       Put it under your tongue and let it dissolve. This is the easiest way to consume CBD isolate and the quickest way to get its effects as it goes right to the bloodstream. Because CBD isolate is free from terpenes and other compounds, it has no taste or smell so it’s super easy to take this way.
  2.       Add it to your juice, coffee, or smoothie. Another super easy way to consume CBD isolate is to add it to your smoothie, juice or your morning cup of coffee. It will take longer for you to feel the effects when you take it this way because it must go through the digestive process, but it is a fun way to consume it.
  3.       Add it to your cooking! More people are starting to cook with CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD because it is a fun way to get your cannabinoids in your daily diet. You can add it to your meals but be careful of heat. If you cook it too high, it can burn off the effects.
  4.       Add it to your favourite lotion or body serum. If you want to make your own topical so you can rub it directly on your skin, add it to your lotion or favourite serum before you apply.

What is the Difference Between CBD Isolate and Full-Spectrum CBD?

The difference between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD is that CBD isolate is literally ONLY CBD. It has no smell, no taste and is straight up CBD in its pure form. Full-spectrum CBD, on the other hand, is CBD combined with other compounds found in the CBD plant, including terpenes which gives the hemp its unique smell and flavor. When the compounds are together, the benefits are enhanced. So, the only downfall to CBD isolates is the benefits aren’t as strong as they are with full spectrum CBD.

Another difference is that CBD isolate does not contain any THC, whereas most full spectrum CBDs can still contain trace amounts. While it is not enough to get you “high,” some people prefer isolates because they don’t have any THC at all.

Want to Stay in the CBD Know?

For more information about CBD or to order 100 percent natural CBD from, contact The Farmula today!


What is the Difference Between Cheap and Quality CBD Oil? 1000 600 The Farmula

What is the Difference Between Cheap and Quality CBD Oil?

If you’re new to the CBD oil scene, you may be wondering why some CBD oils are much more expensive than others. Is there a real difference between cheap and quality CBD oil? Yes of course there is! Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. So, if the price is super cheap, chances are the product won’t be top notch. But, this doesn’t mean the most expensive is the highest quality either.

As you shop for CBD oil, there are a couple things to be on the lookout for to help you identify whether it is a cheap or quality product. But before we discuss the differences between cheap and quality CBD oil, let’s first discuss the process of making quality CBD oil and why it is so expensive.

Grow Costs Can Contribute to the Cost of Quality CBD

For starters, you want to know where and how the cannabis that the CBD was extracted from was grown. In order to get high quality CBD, you have to first start with high-quality hemp that is grown in farms that use organic practices. This means that no additives or chemical-infused fertilizers are used anywhere near the soil. Organic practices tend to cost more, making the cost to grow high quality hemp more expensive.

Also, keep in mind that the licensing fees and taxes that legal growers have to pay are high, so this also affects the cost of quality CBD. In the UK, the government only allows a certain number of farmers to have a cannabis growing license, so there isn’t a huge supply of domestically grown hemp. Thus, the short supply drives the price of CBD and other cannabis products up higher as well.

Manufacturing CBD Oil Post Harvest is Costly

After the hemp is harvested, the CBD must be extracted then made into CBD oil. This process is expensive, especially when done correctly. The process of extracting the CBD and other cannabinoids requires pricey equipment and high-paid workers who know what they are doing. After extracting the CBD, it then must go through a purification process, especially when making CBD extract.

So, although it seems like CBD oil would be an easy thing to make, it is important to remember the process is extensive and requires expensive equipment and people to do it.

Ok, So What is The Difference Between Cheap and Quality CBD Oil?

Now that we talked about why the process of making CBD oil is so expensive, let us now talk about some of the differences between cheap and quality CBD oil. Like we said before, you get what you pay for. When you buy a cheap product, you can’t expect it to be the same as a premium top quality product. It doesn’t mean you have to go for the most expensive product out there, but it means that you want to make sure you purchase your CBD oil from a company that does not compromise standards and quality.

So, what are the differences?

  1.       The source of the CBD: as we mentioned above, high quality CBD oils are sourced from organically grown hemp plants.
  2.       How the CBD is extracted: the method of extraction matters. It is also important to pay attention to how it is processed. Low quality CBD products are usually processed with toxic solvents like butane, pentane and propane. Quality CBD is not processed with any added chemicals tor toxins.
  3.       Thirdparty lab testing: the company that you are purchasing your CBD oil from should provide the lab test results on their website. This confirms that all the products that are going into your CBD oil are thoroughly tested by a third party.
  4.       NonGMO: quality CBD oils should be non-GMO.

If you are on the hunt for a high-quality CBD oil, check out our products. At The Farmula, we source our hemp from organic farms here in the UK and we use the safest extraction methods without adding any unsafe or toxic chemicals. All our CBD is tested by a third party, and we ensure that our products are natural, safe and high quality. For more information about our products or CBD in general, contact us today!

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