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  • 29/03/2021

CBD Oil For Dogs: Get The Facts

CBD Oil For Dogs: Get The Facts

CBD Oil For Dogs: Get The Facts 1080 405 The Farmula

By now you have probably heard about the latest health craze: CBD oil. With humans receiving a plethora of benefits from CBD oils, you might be wondering if your furry friend can enjoy CBD as well. Guess what? Your pet can!

There is a lot of information swimming around the media, however, so let’s demystify CBD oil for dogs. This will help you decide whether to try CBD oil on your pet or not.

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, also called CBD, is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis stavia plant, which is separated into two sub-species: hemp or marijuana. Since CBD oil is produced mainly from hemp, it contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound with psychoactive effects.

In other words, CBD has all the benefits of THC but will not get your dog high.

How Can CBD Oil Help Dogs?

Lately, with the growing public interest in CBD oils, science has starting looking at cannabidiol to gain a deeper knowledge of its therapeutic and medicinal effects on both humans and animals.

For example, studies have found that CBD contains anticonvulsant properties, making ideal for treating seizures and epilepsy in people and their pets. Because CBD can also moderate excitatory nerve impulses and regulate certain neurotransmitters, it is great for lowering anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

CBD oil can help with the following conditions in dogs and people:

• Seizures and muscle spasms
• Cancer – CBD may prevent tumours from growing and eradicate cancer cells.
• Anxiety – CBD can boost serotonin levels
• Pain and inflammation from any number of medical conditions, injury, post-surgery wounds, and more
• Diarrhoea, gas, and abdominal cramping
• Arthritis

Risks and Side Effects of CBD Oil For Dogs

The main risk involved with using CBD oil on a dog is that there is very little research to back it up. The known side effects are alluding to how CBD oil affects humans. Also, because of the lack of research, CBD oil has not been endorsed by then government. Therefore, mostly everything for dogs is an extrapolation. Consider this when using CBD oil with your furry companion.

The side effects of CBD in dogs include:

Lowered blood pressure. Higher doses of CBD have been found to cause a momentary drop in blood pressure. This can cause lightheadedness and instability in dogs.
Tiredness. The calming effects of CBD oil may also cause drowsiness, so dogs might sleep more than usual.
Dry mouth. CBD causes a reduction in saliva production. Dogs will perceive this as increased thirst and may need more water.

It is advised that you start out with the smallest dose as possible for your dog to see how well they handle CBD. From there, you can scale up while closely monitoring the influence of CBD.

In addition to the points made above, you should consider the risks connected with mixing medications. If you dog is on any medications, you must first discuss your decision to use CBD oil with your veterinarian. High CBD doses may hinder the liver’s ability to metabolise certain drugs, and that can have an adverse effect on your dog.

What CBD Products Are Available For Dogs?

CBD oil is available in a number of forms. You can choose what will work best for your pet, based on what they need treated.

Here is a quick glance at what kind of products you can find:

Tinctures: The purest form of CBD oil that allow for the most approximate dosage and work much faster than topical creams and treats.
Capsules: Hide it in your dog’s food or a special treat, just like any other kind of medication.
Topical creams: Ideal for skin conditions, muscle aches, and joint pain from arthritis.
Dog treats: Edibles are the easiest way to give your dog CBD and also takes the guesswork out of the dosage. Simply pick the flavour your dog will love the most.

What Dosage Does Your Dog Require?

Determining the appropriate amount of CBD oil for your four-legged friend may be confusing, since CBD is usually packaged for human consumption. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Dog’s Size and Weight: Your dog’s dosage is based on their size and weight. Most top of the line CBD oils will come with a chart with suggestions based on human weight. Generally, large dogs will need more CBD than smaller breeds, but you should always check the dosage chart to make sure. If the CBD oil is formulated specifically for dogs, the dosage chart will be based on small, medium, and large dog sizes.
CBD Product: Depending on the kind of product you are using, dosage will vary significantly. For instance, a capsule of CBD may be equivalent to 10 droplets of a tincture or two dog treats.
Medicinal vs. Therapeutic: Sometimes the dosage will also change depending on what is being treated. If you are aiming for a therapeutic effect, such as quelling anxiety or surgical pain, the dosage will be much lower than if you are administering CBD for medicinal purposes, such as cancer or epilepsy.

Again, most products will not force you to do any maths since a dosage chart is included. In the event you need to figure out exactly how many milligrams to give your dog, you can use this formula: CBD concentration (mg) X dog’s weight = dosage. So, for example, if the CBD concentration is 0.10 mg, you multiply that by your dog’s weight (ex. 18.5 kg), to get a dosage of 1.85 mg.

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil For Dogs

While the research of how cannabidiol affects animals is still in its infancy, there is much to look forward to in the coming years in terms of holistic care using CBD. Even now, the health benefits of CBD oil for dogs is strikingly clear. If you think that your dog would benefit from CBD oil, then speak to your veterinarian as soon as you can and start shopping around for dog-friendly CBD oil products.

Ready to check out CBD oils for dogs? Check out our products. And if you want more information or the latest news on CBD, you can stay up to date by filling out the contact form.

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