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  • 17/06/2021

Is There THC in Terpsolates?

Is There THC in Terpsolates?

Is There THC in Terpsolates? 721 478 The Farmula

Before we answer this question, let’s first talk about what the term terpsolate even means. This is a word that combines two popular words in the CBD world: terpene and isolate. The term terpsolate is basically a form of CBD isolate that contains cannabis terpenes.

You may now be asking yourself… ”what is CBD isolate?” CBD isolate is pure CBD alone, without any other parts of the hemp plant. So, unlike full-spectrum CBD which contains all the natural compounds that are found in the cannabis plant, CBD isolate is pure CBD without any of the other compounds.

So…the term terpsolate simply means pure CBD with the addition of cannabis terpenes. This combo creates a CBD isolate that has an aroma and taste, whereas CBD isolate on its own has no taste or smell.

Why Would Someone Want to Use Terpsolates Instead of CBD Isolates?

While terpsolate is not a full-spectrum CBD product, it has been proven that when you combine terpenes and other parts of the cannabis plant with CBD, the effects and benefits are more substantial. So, people tend to like using terpsolates because the benefits are stronger than those of a pure isolate.

So, Is There THC in Terpsolates?

No. Terpsolates, just like CBD isolates do not contain THC. This is another reason many people like to use them, because they get the benefits of CBD, enhanced by natural terpenes, without having any THC enter into their system.

How Do You Use Terpsolates?

Many people like to add terpsolates into their food products. Because they contain terpenes, they add a natural aroma and flavour to certain products. For example, you may try adding a touch of your terpsolate that contains terpenes that have a lemon flavour and smell to your olive oil to create a fresh, bright salad dressing.

Terpenes are what give different strands of cannabis their distinct smell and flavour. They also each have their own unique benefits. Some of the most known and used terpenes are:

  •         Linalool: this one is found naturally in the lavender plant. It has that lavender smell and is associated with calming, relaxing effects.
  •         Limonene: this terpene is found naturally in lemons and other citrus fruits and is known to cause uplifting, energizing effects.
  •         Myrcene: this one gives off a musky, mango-like smell.
  •         Beta-caryophyllene: this one is known for its peppery smell and flavour.
  •         Alpha-pinene: this terpene is found naturally in pine trees and is known for energizing benefits.

Benefits of CBD Terpsolates

Some of the benefits of using terpsolates include:

  •         The addition of terpenes to CBD isolates cause the benefits to become enhanced.
  •         You can choose the terpene that comes in your CBD so you can experience those particular benefits, flavours and smells.
  •         There is no THC in them.
  •         They smell and taste whereas pure CBD isolates do not.

Want to stay in the know?

For more information on CBD products such as terpenes and terpsolates, contact The Farmula today! All of our products are sourced with organically grown cannabis plants and are free from pesticides and additives. We would be happy to answer all your questions and help you find a product that matches your needs.

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