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  • 29/11/2021

Should CBD tinctures be taken under the tongue sublingually?

Should CBD tinctures be taken under the tongue sublingually?

Should CBD tinctures be taken under the tongue sublingually? 1080 522 The Farmula

The short answer is yes.  Although, there are several ways to get CBD in general into your bloodstream, sublingually is the most efficient method for a tincture.  Just under the tongue is the sublingual gland surrounded by vessel-rich tissue and direct access to the bloodstream.

Sublingual Administration

Also known as under-the-tongue.  By taking a CBD tincture under the tongue, the compound has a more direct path into the bloodstream than from swallowing.  When consumed through swallowing, the CBD goes partially through a relatively long digestion process before making it into the bloodstream that is avoided.  Although the sublingual process is also not instantaneous, it is absorbed into the bloodstream faster than going through the stomach.

Buccal Administration

Similar to sublingual, but buccal administration means absorption in the gum and cheek tissue.  This is generally how a CBD spray is absorbed into the bloodstream, unless sprayed directly under the tongue.  CBD taken in the form of a ‘gummy’ that is chewed will be partially absorbed through buccal administration.  To try taking a tincture through baccal administration, drop it between the gum and cheek.

Nasal Administration

Technically, CBD use in nasal administration would not be in tincture form, this method deserves explanation as it is similar to both the aforementioned.  The tissues inside the nose are similar to those inside the mouth as CBD can easily be absorbed directly through them (unlike the skin which is a more resistant barrier).  There is some debate whether nasal or sublingual is the more efficient method, but most people find nasal administration uncomfortable or can lead to a runny nose.

Why You Might Choose to Swallow CBD Instead of Taking it Sublingually

Although sublingually might be the most efficient (fast) method of getting CBD into your bloodstream orally, this might not be your goal.  Swallowing, or ‘eating’ CBD in its many edible forms can have a slow-release effect, which could be more desirable depending on the situation.  For example, when using CBD as a sleep aid a slower release might mean the dose taken before bed could last longer through the night.

How Long Should You Hold a Tincture Under Your Tongue

At least a minute.  The longer held under the tongue, the more of the tincture will be absorbed sublingually, however, most people find it difficult to abstain from swallowing for much longer than a minute before their mouth begins to fill with saliva the reflex to swallow becomes too great.  There is no need to hold CBD under the tongue for a prolonged period of time; any small amount of CBD not absorbed under the tongue will be absorbed in other mouth tissues or find its way to the stomach – none will be wasted.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong way to take a tincture.  Try testing CBD in its various forms from topical creams, to vape, to tinctures and see which suits you best.

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