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  • 28/10/2021

What Age is CBD Legal in the UK?

What Age is CBD Legal in the UK?

What Age is CBD Legal in the UK? 910 683 The Farmula

AS CBD becomes increasingly popular in the UK, so many questions are popping up regarding the naturally derived hemp compound. Unlike THC, CBD is fully legal in the UK, but there are still some grey areas around what age it is legal and safe to consume.

The Cannabis Trades Association UK recommends that CBD products should only be sold to people who are 18 years of age or older. While some stores will sell to people that are 18, most dispensaries in the UK require you to be 21 to purchase any CBD products.

The laws can get confusing as this is a recommendation and not an actual law. But many dispensaries follow these guidelines even though hemp derived CBD is completely legal in the UK.

What about buying CBD online?

The same age recommendation applies online. While some online dispensaries will allow people who are 18 to purchase their CBD products, most online dispensaries require you to be 21.

Even though it seems like you can buy anything online at any age, dispensaries require age verification to protect themselves from selling to minors.

So, the next question is at what age is it safe to consume CBD?

This depends on who you ask. There is quite the controversy on when it is appropriate for parents to allow their children to use CBD products. Several parents have made the argument that CBD helps their children focus and helps reduce symptoms of mood or behavior disorders such as ADHD.

Other parents that have children with autism say they give their children CBD to help with seizures. The clinical director of the National Autism Research Center of Israel, Dr. Gal Meiri of the Ben Gurion University at the Negev conducted a study to see if CBD works in children with autism.

His study included 155 children over a 6-month period. During the study he discovered that more than 80 percent of the parents reported improvements in their children’s behavior. Improvements included reduced self-harm and a drop in the frequency of seizures.

Anxiety is another mood disorder that many adults treat with CBD. The question of whether it is safe to treat children with anxiety with CBD is still up in the air, but many parents do give it to their children. Anxiety in children and teenagers is on the rise in the UK, for several reasons. It has been reported that one in every five children is affected by anxiety. While CBD has been proven to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, giving it to a child is up to the parent.

So, is it legal to give CBD to young people under 18?

While CBD cannot be purchased by anyone who is under 18 in the UK, it is completely legal. It has not been proven harmful to children, so the answer is that it is up to parents if they want to purchase CBD products and give them to their children.

For more information about CBD products in the UK, contact The Farmula today.


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