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  • 29/04/2021

What Are The Differences In CBD Oil Strengths?

What Are The Differences In CBD Oil Strengths?

What Are The Differences In CBD Oil Strengths? 1080 607 The Farmula

There are hundreds of CBD products available today, and you may already be using something for your aches and pains. But are you using the right strength? A lot of consumers tend to overlook the importance of CBD strength when first making a purchase and then end up confused later on.

Fortunately, figuring out CBD strength does not have to be a nightmare. We came up with this guide to give you everything you need to know about CBD strength and why it is an important thing to consider.

Let’s begin!

Common Problems When Buying CBD

Once you begin shopping for the right kind of CBD and looking at all the brands, you might notice that there are a lot of potencies (strengths) out there. Some oral drops, for instance, range between 300 mg to 3000 mg or higher. The labelling doesn’t make it any easier, and soon you find yourself utterly baffled by what the best choice may be.

Why Does CBD Oil Strength Matter?

These days, many companies are putting emphasis on the potency of their CBD products, and it is giving people the wrong impression. Society today tends to focus on bigger being better, but that is not always true, especially when we look at CBD.

But what does CBD strength even mean? And how much is enough or too much?

Research has yet to give us a definitive answer, but we do know that nothing regarding CBD can be standardized. That means that the strength you require to feel an effect is going to be different from others.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to be lost forever. There are ways to figure out CBD strength and which potency is right for you—which is why understanding strength is important.

CBD strength is a measure of efficacy. The stronger the oil, the higher the potency. The higher the potency, the stronger the effects.

Strength can also be altered depending on the method of consumption. If you swallow your CBD, for example, you minimize the benefits. CBD’s oral bioavailability is extremely low, around 5 per cent. This means that those who are looking for the best effect should opt for more direct methods, like oral droplets.

Common Volumes and Strengths of CBD Oil

In order to select the right strength for you, the first step is understanding how CBD products are packaged. That way, you can figure out which strength (potency) is correct.

We begin with demystifying packaging.


You will notice that many CBD products come with a measurement of CBD by milligrams. Sometimes, if you are purchasing sublingual tinctures, you might see measurements done in millilitres.

Milligrams (mg) measure the active ingredient, which is CBD. It is usually displayed as the total weight present within the bottle, package, or tub.

Millilitres (ml) is the measurement of a fluid within a container.

All CBD sellers will advertise their products based on the amount of CBD present. This means that is is not uncommon to see two products—such as one a 10 ml bottle and another 100 ml—that both can contain 200 mg of CBD despite being different sizes.

But do you know which one is stronger?

If you pick up the 100 ml bottle thinking the potency will be higher, you’re mistaken. Unfortunately, that is a mistake most people make when choosing the right CBD strength.

You need to think of it this way: Even though both bottles contain 200 mg of CBD, the 10 ml bottle will be 10 times more potent than the 100 ml bottle. Why? Because instead of splitting up 200 mg of CBD between 100 ml, you are only splitting it between 10 ml.

One serving from the 10 ml bottle will have a full 200 mg of CBD, whereas 10 ml from the 100 ml bottle will contain only 2 mg.

CBD Oil Strengths

Now, aside from paying attention to the mg/ml of a CBD product, you also need to consider the potency. There are three main strengths available:

• 300 mg
• 600 mg
• 1000 mg

Again, different products might have less or more. You might find a product with a potency of 4000 mg.

The potencies are then divided by the typical bottle size—15, 30, 50, or 60 ml.

Calculating CBD Oil Strength

Keeping the interaction between the volume of a bottle (ml) and the amount of CBD (mg), it is time to learn how to calculate the strength in a single serving.

First, remember that the total amount of CBD in a product is going to be distributed evenly throughout the contents of the bottle. That means bigger bottles tend to have less potency than smaller bottles.

Here is how it works:

Divide the amount of CBD (mg) by the size of the bottle (ml) to figure out the strength.

That means 600 mg of CBD divided by 15 ml of oil = 40 mg/ml.

This would be considered “high strength.”

Strengths fall into percentage ranges that are as follows:

• Products with less than 5 mg/ml of CBD are low strength.
• Products with 15-30 mg/ml of CBD are medium strength.
• Products with 30-60 mg/ml of CBD are high strength.
• Anything with more than 60 mg/ml of CBD is considered a concentrate or extra-high strength.

Different Product Strengths

Let’s have a brief look at the common strength ranges of CBD products:

eLiquids/Vape Juice

Usually, the size of the vape cartridge or bottle can tell you the strength of the CBD. Smaller ml bottles with higher amounts of mg are more concentrated. You can find bottles between 10-100 ml, some with 50 mg CBD in 10 ml or 500 mg in a 100 ml bottle (which amounts to the same strength).


The total amount of CBD is printed on the bottle, so if you see 200 mg CBD, you know the whole bottle has that amount.

Capsules and Edibles

Capsules and edibles are often marketed as the amount of CBD per package as well as per capsule or serving (such as amount per gummy).

Topical Products

Topical items have the amount of CBD per tub or container listed, similar to vape juice and tinctures.

Final Thoughts on CBD Strengths

There are plenty of CBD products out there with obscure packaging, so look for brands that state everything simply, like products from Farmula. Now that you know how to read the labels and figure out CBD strengths, you can start using CBD with more success. Remember, the right potency for you might be different from what other people require, so start with a low strength first and work your way up.

If you have any questions about dosages, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to answer your questions.

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