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  • 20/05/2021

Why You Should Buy High-Quality CBD and Avoid Knockoffs

Why You Should Buy High-Quality CBD and Avoid Knockoffs

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Before you go and stock up on that super cheap bundle of CBD oils and capsules, you need to consider something. Are you really getting the highest quality of CBD? Or are you getting a knockoff that promises nothing but dissatisfaction? There are thousands of CBD products for sale these days, but they are not all equal or of the same quality. There are plenty of companies out there hoping to rid you of your money while selling you something unhealthy.

Step away from the discounted CBD oil. It’s time to learn why you should only be buying the highest quality CBD products available.

The Problem With Poor Quality CBD Knockoffs

You might be wondering what the difference is between poor grade CBD and the more expensive brands. Is it not all the same? While the CBD itself might be the same, the biggest issue with inferior CBD oils is poor bioavailability.

Bioavailability refers to the amount of a substance that is used by a system and is able to produce an effect. For example, CBD gummies usually have the lowest amount of bioavailability, because it must first pass through the digestive system before the CBD can ever be used by the body. This means that the amount of CBD you ingest is not the actual dosage that enters your bloodstream.

Because CBD does not dissolve in water, it diffuses into the bloodstream with some difficulty. Poor quality CBD has low bioavailability and is, therefore, a complete waste of money.

Aside from reduced bioavailability in low quality CBD, there is also a greater chance of an inferior product containing unhealthy ingredients, such as:

• Fertilizers
• Solvents
• Pesticides

Reputable CBD companies will never sell products that contain harmful ingredients. Farmula, for example, uses hemp plants grown in the UK that meet the highest standards of quality, starting with the soil.

Manufacturing Process: Why It Matters

One overlooked facet of high vs. low quality CBD is the manufacturing process. Because the CBD industry is still in its infancy, there are multiple brands throughout the world that use various methods for extracting cannabidiol from hemp and cannabis to sell. The more unscrupulous manufacturers who sell cheap CBD knockoffs use the cheapest method of extracting cannabidiol, as one would suspect.

But how do you cheaply extract CBD, and why is it so bad for you? The answer is in the solvents—literally. You see, in order to reduce the cost of CBD extraction, more nefarious producers use toxic solvents such as propane, pentane, butane, and hexane. All of these can ruin your health instead of improving it.

You don’t want that.

Instead, search for companies that utilize pharmaceutical-grade ethanol in their extraction method. It is highly efficient and produces no deleterious effects on the body. Another is the “supercritical CO2” method of extraction, which ensures absolute purity of the CBD.

How To Identify High Quality CBD Oil

If you want to get the best CBD out there and feel good about what you are taking, then you need to know how to determine which CBD is poor and which is superior. We have some tips to help you locate the best CBD brands:

Research the vendor. A high quality CBD brand is going to use supercritical CO2 or ethanol extraction. The brand will also have a website, contact information, and testimonials on their website.
Seek the source. Where does the CBD come from? Make sure it is organic and local.
Third party testing. Recent lab results should be available—always. Make sure the brand you choose to purchase from has a Certificate of Analysis (COA). It will state everything, such as the amount of CBD, the level of THC, and any impurities in the formula. You can find our COAs on the product pages!
Communication and transparency. Seek out brands with a professional looking website and clearly stated information. Customer service should be quick to answer your questions, and their products should have all information neatly displayed as well.

Another lesser known testament of quality is how the company lists the amount of CBD in their products on the packaging. A reputable seller will have the amount of CBD (mg) per dosage or mg per bottle on the label, not the percentage of CBD. If you see a percentage, you know to avoid it. Even a higher percentage of low quality CBD is less effective than a smaller dose of high quality CBD.

Try Some of The Farmula’s High Quality CBD Products

What sets the Farmula apart from the competition? The Farmula uses organic hemp produced within the UK. Every product, like our oral drops, is free of THC and contains only active, beneficial ingredients that guarantee maximum absorption. This ensures that you feel the benefits of CBD faster and longer.

If you want to experience the best results CBD has to offer, then you need to purchase the finest products. High quality CBD is going to produce vastly superior results. Instead of trying to save money, invest a little in your health and happiness, search for a reputable brand with transparent labeling and COAs.

Keep this information in mind the next time your search for CBD oil. Or, you can check out the Farmula’s shop full of high quality items!

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